Cartoon Network

I grew up in Accra, Ghana in my early years. On GTV (national television), Cartoon Network was sometimes aired for the best of my pleasure. I remember after school, I would sit there and enjoy some afternoons with colorful characters instead of studying. I remember after school, I would sit there and enjoy some time with those colorful characters instead of studying.

Well, out of some nostalgia from those periods of insouciance and farniente, I tried to recollect the programs I use to watch. Those programs fueled me with plenty of ideas, some understanding of the world. Sometimes for the good, and sometimes for worse.

I started listing the intros of some programs I could remember.:

U follow this guy, Johnny, who babysits his niece while hitting on women. Sighs…

Kinda sounds like simpsons.

No need to expand on that.

I loved TC. Always able to fall on his feet.

Three crazy brothers….

A bunch of students covering the human impact on environment and invoking Captain planet to solve everything.

HHAHA, My brother (used to) love this program.

One of my favorite. Mogogogo was a great evil character.

Made me believe in technology. Even if Dexter was actually evil.

Out of words. Flawless

When 90s Nostalgia kicks in…

Those programs give some insights on the period they were aired on: Climate change, technology, war, and family were recurring themes.